Some musical companies doing wrong propaganda and spreading mischievous matter regarding our harmonium. It is our request to our beloved customers, not to misguided by the wrong propaganda of those companies.
About Us :
In the modern scenario Music has become inventible part of our life. If we give a more inside look we definitely find that music was always a part of ethnic integrity among any communities irrespective of Geographical barriers.
Since our inception, H. Paul & Co., a renowned name for musical instruments especially Piano. We are dealing all varieties of instruments like Piano, Accordian, Organ, Harmonium etc.
This delicate instrument if handled carefully and according to the instructions given in this manual, will give an excellent performance to the entire satisfaction of the user.
Customer’s satisfaction is our basic motto. We used to believe that customer’s are the very much important visitors in our company. They never disturb us while they give us the opportunity to serve them. No. of satisfied customers proves the merit of our company.
Formula for Healthy Business :

Honesty + Quality of Goods + Quick Service
= Good Health of Business

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